Official Donation Page – Raymod Dell’Aera

Hello Torontonians and supporters from other countries. Since yesterday Raymond has received tremendous support, we have had people reaching out to us offering helping hands, asking if there is any way they can help. We are working diligently to put together an official donation page for Raymond to ensure that the funds make it to him directly. Once we have the donation page set up, which will be hosted on this site, we’ll need your help and generosity to spread word in raising funds.

Raymond was extremely busy yesterday with the media and we are so grateful for everyone that has opened their hearts to Raymond in hopes to find his stolen wheelchair. We still haven’t heard any information about the safe return of his wheelchair. If anyone has information about the wheelchair we would be so grateful, it is not our concern who stole it or even why they took it, perhaps it was someone that couldn’t understand how important the chair is to Raymond. If you or anyone you know has any information regarding Raymond’s wheelchair please contact Toronto Police (416) 808-3100 or Crime Stoppers at 1-8000-222-TIPS.


How would you feel if you suddenly lost your legs?

How would you feel if you suddenly lost your legs? Sadly, Raymond Dell’Area knows all too well.  Since birth, Raymond has suffered from muscular dystrophy, a disease which makes every day things such as walking a challenge.

At 25 years old, Raymond relies heavily on his $15,000 customized wheelchair for pretty much everything – this isn’t just a wheelchair…this wheelchair has become Raymond’s legs.  Yes, Raymond suffers from muscular dystrophy but this did not stop him from living his life and being the independent man that he is.  Having this wheelchair enabled Raymond to visit his friends, look for a job and be able to live a normal life but all of that suddenly changed.

On Saturday September 22nd while Raymond was visiting with a friend, his wheelchair was taken.  Suddenly, Raymond no longer has “his legs” and is now pretty much confined to his home unless his parents are able to transport him to and from where he needs to go. Such a drastic change for a man that was able to live his life independently all this time.  Now, instead of relying on his wheelchair – he is relying on you, the public to help him.
At first, you may think “how can I help, I don’t even know this man” but if you give this some serious thought, perhaps put yourself in his position – if you woke up tomorrow without any legs, wouldn’t you want everyone out there to help you find them? I know I would and that’s what brought me here today.
In life we tend to take the simple things for granted.  Being able to get up, face the day and do what we need to do without any challenges.  How would we do these things if we were suddenly immobile?  Something as horrible as what has happened to Raymond was enough to put things into a new perspective for me and hopefully for you too.

Raymond’s friends and family have turned to the media, Facebook, twitter and WordPress to help spread the word about this.  We ask that you help out by sharing the links and pages you find here with your friends and family.

Let’s all do our part to help Raymond find his wheelchair and get back to the life that he has worked so hard to get!